Hi, I'm a creator on an app called Castle, a code-block based game engine but also a social media. I made this Carrd to show my projects on Castle.

Soko-ban UNO

Soko-ban UNO is a recreation of the Soko-ban game but every level you have to traverse one box to a certain position. The deck is only in demo you can play the demo on my Castle page while I continue working on the levels.


TERRI-FRIED is also a game made by PolyMars on YouTube this is my attempt at a castle recreation of his project.

Half'a Hundred

Half'a Hundred is a deck that I made that brings a challenge to the player, everytime you click the red button it flips a coin which will either land on Heads or tails. Everytime to click it you will have a %50 of gaining 1 point or losing it all and returning to 0.


boing.frug is one of my decks where you watch a frog bounce up and down forever until you get bored. Every bounce gives you +1 boing.

Poison Paddle

Poison Paddle is another remake of a game made by PolyMars. In this deck you just hit a ping pong ball above Poison until you lose.

Dice Simulator

Dice Simulator is a deck I made not too long ago. In this deck you click a dice and every click of that dice it rolls and it has 6 possible outcomes, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and of course 6. Depending on the number you get is how much money you get, you can purchase upgrades to multiply your earnings and you can also decrease the rolling time.